About CBP

CBP Renewables is the ‘other heating’ arm of Commercial Biomass Partnership LLP. We made the change because the name ‘Commercial Biomass’ doesn’t truly reflect everything we do, and Kensa (heat pump manufacturer), though we are Kensa trained and registered installers, refused to list us as such on their website with the word ‘biomass’ in our name. Hence the abbreviation.

So here we are, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in all forms of renewable heating (and cooling) technologies, both commercial and domestic. All our fitters are directly employed and have at least twenty years experience in plumbing and heating, from hotels to factories, office blocks, swimming pools, large country houses, to small town houses. We can advise on what heating and hot water systems best suit your needs — we would never knowingly sell anybody anything that doesn’t suit their needs. What we want most of all is happy customers.

Call us on 01935 476927 or email us at admin@cbprenewables.co.uk

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