IDM heat pumps

Typical ground source layout

Typical ground source layout


IDM are a premium quality Austrian manufactured brand with many unique features that set them apart from the cheaper brands. With the most up to date and innovative technology combined with reliable quality IDM have become market leaders in a wide variety of heat pump technologies through their emphasis on high efficiency, intelligent and intuitive control systems and long product life span.


Their heat pump family ranges in size from 5kW to 500kW individually, with cascading systems over 2mW possible by linking multiple 500kW units. Used for both commercial and domestic applications IDM units can be used for both heating in winter and cooling in summer. They are eligible for use on the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, which continues to fund investment in renewable energy through a system of direct payments for both commercial and domestic installations.


Key features of the IDM heat pump range:


  • Largest single phase heat pump (26kW) available on the market
  • Highest CoP (coefficient of performance) on the market at 4.87 to 1
  • Navigator control system for up to six heating circuits
  • Free connectivity to MyIDM providing remote control, remote diagnostics, and remote maintenance
  • Control of simple solar energy systems already integrated with other connections easy to implement
  • The Navigator Pro2.0 combines heat pump controllers with individual room control automatically taking weather forecasting into account for greater comfort with lower energy consumption

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